Pre Pregnancy Counselling in Kolkata


A certain degree of stress and anxiety is normal when you are pregnant but the moment you feel that dealing with it is being difficult, you should take help of a counsellor.

Pregnancy can put strain on a relationship, especially when it is unplanned and husband and wife have different requirements. When one partner desires children and the other does not, it may affect their personal lives to a great extent.

Thus, it is always advisable that if you have an unplanned pregnancy or unexpected miscarriage, do not hesitate to visit a counsellor. They are there to help you relieve the distress and pain.

If you are finding it difficult to deal with or understand or tackle your child’s emotions and behaviour, do not worry. Our expert counsellors know how to gain insight into the child’s mind and bring about a positive change.

MyMom has collaborated with reputed counsellors from all over India who will help you transform your difficult mental phase into a state of excitement, joy and happiness. We are the one stop solution for pre-pregnancy counselling in Kolkata and other cities.

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