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Yoga Benefits during Pregnancy

Jun 30th, 2017

Yoga meditation tips:

Prenatal yoga prepares you for child birth. Yoga involves stretching, mental relaxation, focused breathing and so on. Different yoga poses target different parts of the organs and benefit mother as well as their developing babies.


  • Relieves back aches and pains.
  • Decreases cramps, heartburn and poor digestion.
  • Improves fluid retentions and circulation.
  • Reduces blood pressure and blood sugar.
  • Provides mental relaxation.
  • Strengthens pelvic muscles.
  • Enhances posture.

Cobbler Pose:




This asana requires you to sit on a mat and bring both heels together. You can use pillows to get more comfortable with your pose. Bend forward, keeping your spine straight as much as possible.

Balasana or Child Pose:




Kneel on the mat with toes touching each other. Rest your buttock on your heels. Bend forward stretching your hand on either side of the bod.

Dog and Cat stretch:








Get down on your knees with arms parallel to your leg. In cat position when you exhale tuck your chin inside and stretch your spine as much as possible.

While in Dog position as you inhale make your tailbone inclined and pelvis upside. Lift your head up and stretch your body. This two asana should be repeated 3 times in 3 sets each.

Eagle Pose:










Kneel on the mat with toes touching each other and buttock resting on heels. Stretch your arms and put your right arm above the left and bend the elbow. Your palm should touch each other. Keep it away from your face for better balance.









Pranayam deals with breathing and posture. The Practice of Pranayam can relieve symptoms of asthma. It benefits pregnant women in treating stress related disorder such as depression and anxiety. The process leads in to supply of oxygen to the entire body and makes organ function well.

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