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How Important is it to Take Folic Acid During Pregnancy

Jun 30th, 2017

If you are planning for pregnancy, it is important that you start taking folic acid supplements right from the beginning. Vitamin intake during pregnancy plays a vital role in growth and cell division.  Research suggests  one should take folic acid supplements  at least  three months before they plan to conceive,  During pregnancy the needs get double than an average woman . From 500 Mcg it gets increased to 1000 mcg per day.

Benefits of Folic acids:

  • Folic acid stimulates appetite.
  • It reduces the chance of birth defect.
  • It also helps  in the formation of red blood cells, which is essential for baby’s development.
  • Folic acid Produces DNA and RNA.
  • It also helps in blood circulation  in the body.

Foods Rich in Folic Acids:

  • Green Leafy vegetables.
  • Lentils.
  • Beans.
  • Citrus fruits.
  • Nuts.
  • Egg Yoke.
  • Almond, flaxseed, sunflower seed.

Doctors recommend taking folic acid supplements as soon as you decide to try for a baby for the first three months before conceiving. You can carry on with your folic acid supplement along with iron supplements throughout your pregnancy.




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