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Are you hiring the right housemaid? Find out here

May 18th, 2018

In this busy time, when all are running to balance the work life and home, a reliable housemaid is the need of the hour. It seems easy to get a house help but the reliability factor remains a question. Is the person trustworthy? Is the person capable of handling kids? So many questions strike the mind.

Here we give you a checklist that you need to go through before the hire and you might end up getting a good maid service in Kolkata.

Evaluation of services

Choose the maid as per the work. A baby sitter and cook won’t be the same person always. Make sure you are clear about the services you need and then decide the right person for the purpose. Don’t just assign all the work without assuring the person is capable of doing it all. There is no point compromising in the quality of the work for demanding quantity.


There are many agencies that offer you maid services in Kolkataat different rates. Usually, the budget depends on the number of days in a week and the duty hours of the service.

Experienced maids are usually costly but that’s worth of you wish to have quality service. You can check out www.mymom.in for maid services if you need a discount.

Identity Verification

When you choose a reputed agency of maid services in Kolkata, you get assured that the background is checked. This background verification must not be skipped at any cost. You are leaving the house on the maid and you will definitely not want to risk the security. Ask for identity proof documents and verify them. A police verification is recommended if you are leaving the home on the maid’s responsibility.

Punctuality and Hygiene

You are hiring the service for your help but it becomes useless if you do not receive the service on time. Frequent leaves are not at called for. The person you are appointing must have the sense of responsibility rather than just working for the money. Make sure the person you are hiring is not an extra headache. The person should be hygienic enough especially if you have a child to take care of. Check the medical records to assure the person has no such contaminated diseases.

Searching maids from reputed agencies can be of help in case you need all these points to be covered. You can get your requirement at www.mymom.in at a pocket-friendly budget with the existing discount offered.

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