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Jun 30th, 2017

1. If you are planning to introduce solid food to your toddler, opt for rice cereal.  It is high in iron and its smooth texture makes it easily digestible. Mix it with formula or boiled water.

2. Introduce new food every week to your child’s existing diet. This can help you keep a track on any side effect that may arise if your child is allergic to any kind of food.

3. One common myth is that when you are pregnant, you should be eating for two people. The truth is that you should be eating a healthy amount of fruit, vegetables, and meat high is omega-3s. If you up your caloric intake by 300 a day, you will be eating plenty of food for both you and your baby. Along with taking prenatal vitamins, you should also continue you exercise and remain active during your pregnancy. Consult with your doctor for pregnancy approved exercising. 

4. Wherever you travel during pregnancy carry a big food bag.  Carry varieties of fruits and snacks and munch them at short intervals. Nuts are a rich source of energy and therefore it must be carried.

Does my Kid need Vitamin Supplements?

Home cooked meals aren’t always enough for your kids to provide nutrients. your kid paediatrician recommends daily intake of vitamin  supplement and mineral for :

Kids who are fussy eater or do not eat well balanced meal.

Kids with medical condition such as digestive problems.

Active kids who participate in sports

Kids who eat a lot of fast food.

If your child is on a vegetarian diet, your doctor might recommend iron supplement and even calcium supplement.




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