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Coping With Miscarriage

Jul 3rd, 2017

After you have tested for pregnancy and the result is positive, you go through a rush of emotions. Whether it was a planned pregnancy or not, you go through a myriad of emotions. So, if the pregnancy ends in a miscarriage no matter how early it is, you tend to go through a painful process. For many pregnant women working through the emotional and physical pain often seems to be a lonely process. Most women find it extremely difficult to cope with miscarriage and it can be devastating.

Women who have suffered miscarriage go through a series of emotions such as anger, guilt, excess sorrow, exhaustion, shock, confusion and more. It is completely normal to go through such emotions and even more as a would-be mom has lost her unborn. If you have faced similar situations, you don’t need to feel guilty and blame yourself. Instead, what you can do is allow yourself to feel what you are feeling. Everyone’s experience of miscarriage is different and there is no right or wrong way of feeling it.

If you have told others about the pregnancy you dread facing them after the miscarriage. Also, expressions of sympathy rather than comfort can become difficult to handle. Even if you feel physically fine, you need to take a break from your regular schedule. After a miscarriage, you and your partner might also find it difficult to communicate as you couldn’t come to terms with what happened. Give yourself time to mourn. It is normal for one of you to feel extremely emotional, but never stop communicating.

Here are some of the ways you can cope with miscarriage and get back into the normal life flow.  Don’t be afraid to share your pain. Be it your partner or close ones, talk your heart out. Tell them what you feel and express yourself. There is nothing to be ashamed of. No matter how long you have had the pregnancy sharing your loss with other would help ease the pain.

Take some time to grieve as your physical body needs to heal.  Some miscarriages happen suddenly and appear like awful periods. There are some women who also experience heavy flow; however, there are others who have D&C, a surgery that requires recovery time. Give time to your body to heal as your mind and soul do.

Respect your doctor’s advice. It can be really difficult to start trying once again. There are many women who need time in between pregnancies and that is absolutely fine. Again, there are other women who want to try immediately and that is fine as well. But what you need to do is communicate with your doctor clearly with your goals and desires. This would help your body to be strong and healthy as early as possible.

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