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Increasing Libido After Pregnancy

Jun 30th, 2017

For all the new moms’ out there sex after baby can be quite scary. In fact, for the last few months after you have a baby; it is probably the last thing on your mind. But again, this is totally normal. However, there is no harm in wanting to get close your partner even after you had a baby. Post pregnancy is usually the time when most women experience low libido. Before you feel depressed, here are some ways you can bring the lost spark back into your marital life.

Most of the doctors suggest that sex after six weeks of giving birth is safe. But most new moms’ feel that they aren’t ready for sex even after six weeks. If you are one of them, there’s nothing unnatural about it and you don’t need to worry. There are several reasons for low libido post pregnancy. First, most new moms’ are preoccupied with the baby. Since the baby doesn’t have a sleeping pattern new moms’ need to invest a lot of time on the baby. Hormonal changes are also one of the reasons for the lack of libido. For the breastfeeding moms’ sex is the last thing they have on mind.

In order to increase your libido, ensure that you pay attention to yourself first. There is no need to rush things and have sex with your partner. Instead, you can do things that you love after all carrying a baby for 9 months can be exhausting. One of the reasons for low libido is also fatigue. You need to deal with it first. For instance, sleep when the baby is sleeping. You can also ask for help since sleep deprivation leads to change in mood.

Next, you need to remember that it is not always about sex. Even if you are not ready for it post pregnancy, there are other ways to get intimate. For instance, kissing and cuddling before falling asleep give each other a massage or say something sweet, etc. These gestures can really bring a change in your mood and you might never know when you are ready. Even after the six weeks has passed don’t pressure yourself to please your partner. If you are not ready, talk to your partner about it and reassure him that low sex drive doesn’t mean you aren’t attracted to him anymore.

Try out exercises, exercise really helps increase your sex drive and can make you feel ready for sex. If you had a normal delivery without complications, you can easily try free hand exercises as soon as you reach the six weeks mark. Exercise pumps your blood and heart rate that brings back your libido. After all, having a baby doesn’t mean you can’t get intimate with your partner. You just need to give yourself some time.

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