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Getting Dad Involved With The Baby

Jun 30th, 2017

As much of the first few weeks of the newborn care depend on your shoulder, try to make use of every chance you have to get the dad involved. This way, you not only would get sufficient break but also allow your partner to build a good bond with the baby. Figuring out all the relationships and roles after the baby arrives can be challenging. But involving the dad is often difficult. Not because he isn’t willing, but because he doesn’t know to get started. Here are some ways you can help your partner get involved with the baby.

Have him help you with the feedings:

Get your partner to help you with the baby’s day and nighttime feedings. Feeding a newborn is quite interesting and a dad would love to spend one-on-one time with the baby. Wondering how is it possible? Well, even though you are breastfeeding the baby, the baby also needs to be burped. Involve your partner to help you in it. You can also involve him to fetch you a glass of water while you are breastfeeding or get the baby from the crib for nighttime feedings.

Give him the diaper duty:

Most doctors recommend that a great way to bond with the newborn is by changing diapers. Even though new dads’ might find it a dirty task, but what are you for? Talk to him about it and make him feel comfortable. Tell him that the best way to get involved with the baby is by talking, touching or singing to the baby while changing diapers.

Allow him a bedtime reading session:

Every baby benefits from a book read to them, even the youngest of all. In fact, newborns feel safe and secure when they cuddle with their dads and moms when they hear the sound of their voice. As doctors recommend reading to babies the moment they arrive from the hospital to the home. Even newborns enjoy the sound of your voice and being held on the lap.

Have him take baby for walks:

Allow your partner to take the baby on a walk in a stroller or help in baby weaning. Babies love being outside enjoying the fresh air. You can allow your partner to take the baby out, while you get some alone time, get a hot shower. Spending time with the newborn would help him get closer to the baby.

Let him enjoy baby bath:

Involve your partner in bathing the baby. Moreover, if your baby doesn’t enjoy water, you can ask your partner to bath with the baby. Remember, skin to skin contact also helps build a good father-baby bond.

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