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Managing Difficult Behavior Issues in Toddlers

Jun 30th, 2017

Every parent feels that their kid is the most adorable among all until they see the kid screaming their lungs out in the middle of a shopping mall as mommy won’t buy him candy. What does mommy do? She checks her Smartphone to see other shopping malls nearby so that she doesn’t have to visit the one she got embarrassed at. What most moms don’t realize is this happens with almost every mom sooner or later. Throwing tantrums is a common issue among toddlers aged 2 to 5 years.

Behavior issues are very common among preschoolers since their brains aren’t fully developed yet. Due to this, they aren’t able to rationalize things like the adults. Similarly, attempting to reason with a toddler is of no use as tantrums are going to happen during the developmental stage. But you can play your part and minimize the frequency as well as diffuse before they become serious. In most certain cases, you might be at home when your child begins the tantrums. Even though it might be tempting to scream back at your kid, don’t do it. Hold on your patience and try to calm your kid down by talking to him. Remember your kid just needs to work through his feelings and know that you are beside him.

Now, if you find your child taking to tantrum in a busy place, instead of scolding him simply take him and leave the place. Tell your kid that this is not how he should behave in a public place. No matter what your kid does, never ever give away to his unreasonable demands because when you do, you would be reinforcing bad behavior. Also, attempting to reason with your child in the middle of the tantrum is also a bad idea. It would act as fuel to the fire. Even though you want to talk to your child about the bad behavior, ensure you do it once your child is calm.

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