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Behavior Regression In Toddlers

Jun 30th, 2017

Many toddlers and preschoolers experience regression at a certain stage of their life. This can be quite worrying and irritating for the parents to see their child move backward. However, regression in kids is common and there is nothing to worry. There are certain areas where the regression is high such as toilet training, talking, feeding, sleeping, etc. Most often it is not a concern and it is a normal reaction of the kid to whatever is going on in the surrounding.

When it comes to child development, you need to know that it involves two steps forward and one step backward. Did your toilet trained toddler start with wetting their pants? Did your 4 –year- old is baby talking again? Well, if the answers are yes then there are chances your child has taken to regression. Now, even though it is disturbing and frustrating you simply can’t ignore it. You need to find the reasons behind the behavior.

There are many reasons for regression among kids, change in environment and life might be one of the reasons. This could be due to a transition in childcare management, arrival of a new sibling, change in family circumstances, etc. In fact, it doesn’t need to be a major upheaval to have an effect on your kid’s behavior. Changes that might not be significant to you, might affect your toddler.

Once you are able to find out what is affecting your toddler and resulting in regression, it would be easier for you to help them regain their level of maturity. Sometimes you would be able to find out the reasons, in other times you might not. Here are some of the things you can do to help your kid. First of all, provide assurance. If you know that your kid is facing a big milestone or some change, assure him by cuddles and attention.  Giving your kid a lot of attention also helps deal with the problem. Also, allow your kid to indulge in baby fantasies. Let them understand that growing old doesn’t mean they can’t still be your baby.

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