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Heavy Period Post Pregnancy

Jun 30th, 2017

After giving birth you enter the postpartum period that goes on for about six weeks. This is the time when your period returns. However, the arrival of the postpartum period usually varies from one mom to another and depends mainly on body type. Since all moms’ are different there is no fixed time for when the period would resume and it is not the same for everyone. However, the period of nursing mothers continues from six to eight weeks after delivery. This is the time when most women experience heavy period and they wonder if it is serious.

Wondering what the first period after childbirth feels like? Well, it is quite vengeful than the ones you have had before. Several types of research show that first period after delivery is discomforting followed by severe cramps. That’s not all; it also comes with a heavy flow. However, periods after the first one post pregnancy aren’t as discomforting and becomes normal. It resembles the normal period you had. Even though it is painful, post pregnancy period isn’t a big concern unless you are soaking pads within an hour.

As the breastfeeding becomes less, the chances of your post pregnancy period to return becomes higher. In fact, you would notice spotting as your breastfeeding is reduced to thrice a day. Spotting is nothing but irregular and light period which shows up as spots. If the periods resume while you are nursing your baby, it would be irregular. This is because it is normal for a menstrual cycle to slow down or quicken when she is nursing the baby.

Worried and scared as to what you need to do when you face such heavy period? Well, there are several ways you can control it. You can either take hormonal birth control pills. This would help control the cycle as well as changes after pregnancy. If you are experiencing heavier flow, the hormonal birth control would help make the flow lighter and less painful. Apart from this, you stay prepared for your daytime and nighttime emergencies. Keep an additional pair of panties and sanitary napkins within your reach.  For the nights, it is better to keep cleaned sheets ready beside you as it is difficult to control sheet stains. You also need to sleep on old sheets to keep the new ones away from stains. Even after all the measures, you seem to experience a heavy flow, the best option would be to consult your doctor. 

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