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Teeth Grinding In Toddlers

Jun 30th, 2017

The sound of grinding teeth is like pulling nails down a blackboard for some people, but the same thing changes when it is a toddler. Teeth grinding is a common thing among toddlers until one year and it gradually fades. Both clenching and teeth grinding is known as Bruxism and happens especially at night while the kid is asleep. Even though you might be surprised initially when you hear the kid grinding his teeth, however, it doesn’t cause any permanent damage to the kids’ teeth. In some cases grinding of teeth might be a result of a psychological or medical issue.

There are several reasons that can give rise to teeth grinding in your toddler. Some of the common reasons include poor alignment of teeth, especially the bottom and top teeth. Along with this, teeth grinding can also take place due to some medical conditions such as dehydration, nutritional deficiency and allergy. Pain due to ear infection also causes teeth grinding in your toddler. That’s not all; teething pain might also make your toddler grind his teeth. If you thought kids don’t suffer from stress and anxiety you are wrong. Any form of stress can also result in teeth grinding.

Even though this is a temporary issue that your toddler might be facing, it can also cause sleeplessness in the toddler. In fact, your toddler might stay up overnight due to this condition. If that’s not all, the toddler might also suffer from jaw pain and headache making him uncomfortable at night.

If you are worried about your toddler’s teeth grinding problem, you need to take him to a dentist for any signs of permanent damage. Your dentist might also ask your kid to wear a mouth guard to wear at night. However, if you are able to find out the reason behind teeth grinding such as teething pain, you can provide your toddler with pain relief. For teeth grinding due to stress, try and talk to your toddler and stay with him till he falls asleep. Most importantly, try to relax your kid. 

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