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Flat Head Syndrome

Jun 30th, 2017

Babies are born with a soft skull that allows them to adjust the head as required while passing through the birth canal. Similarly, the design also supports faster brain growth in the first year of their life. This is because the soft bones make constant expansion possible. The flat head syndrome is a common problem that many moms face since the baby spends too much time on their backs. When a flat spot appears on either one side or back of the baby it is known as the flat head syndrome. Even though tummy time helps control the problem, often babies don’t enjoy lying on their stomach.

There are many reasons for moms to wear their babies, but what most moms don’t know is that baby wearing helps reduce flat head syndrome. The more time your baby spends on an uptight baby carrier, there are fewer chances of the baby developing a flat head. Also, it gives rise to a stronger head and neck. Wear your baby when you go on with your household chores such as mopping, hanging out, doing laundry, etc. interestingly, when your baby is awake, the change in environment would make him look around thereby preventing flat head syndrome.

Next, if your baby spends too much in the same position, ensure that you change the position. This would encourage the baby to turn the head in different ways. You can start by hanging toys above his cot or hanging colorful pictures that would draw his attention. Car restraints and infant seats might be a good idea, but spending too much time on the car seats might also contribute to flat head syndrome. So, you need to leave aside the restraints and carry the baby in your arms. Also, choose a pram that has the option of laying the seat flat.

Introduce tummy time for your baby and get on the floor with him. Bright colored toys and books are a great option to get started. It would encourage the baby to play with you and in turn, help change his position. Lay him on the side or his back and keep changing the position. 

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