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Burping your baby

Jun 30th, 2017

You probably have seen your new born regurgitates a small amount of milk after feeding. This is common and happens to all babies. While feeding, they generally swallow some air with it, at times they keep sucking on empty bottles, cries excessively during feeding, which results in building up of air in the stomach and makes them uncomfortable.

Burping helps in releasing air from the stomach which is trapped in the stomach, making your baby feel uncomfortable and fussy. It is important that you make your baby burp after every meal.

Mothers' who breastfeed their babies generally swallow less air. Make your baby sit upright with the head supported on your shoulder and gently rub the spine up and down. Some babies bring out little milk which is harmless. You do not need to make your baby burp if the little one falls asleep while feeding. By six months of age they outgrow burping as they swallow less air.

Burp usually comes within fifteen minutes, but if your baby doesn’t burp, do not try to force for it.






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