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Look Good! - Go Natural with Your Skin

Jun 30th, 2017

What good enough to eat is good enough to put on skin. Most food when applied externally gives your skin all the benefits they provide when ingested –nourishment, antioxidant, minerals hydration, toning, exfoliating and bleaching. For healthy glow and relief from everyday nags save your skin from harsh chemicals and go natural.

Caution:  Do not use food you are allergic too.

Here are some beauty food from your kitchen cabinet and refrigerator.

Beauty Food: Cucumber.

For: Dry inflamed skin and dark circles.

How it works: It is a cooling agent and it soothes tones and moisturizes skin.

Rub a slice all over the face, leave it for few minutes and wash it off. For dark circles leave the slice on the eyes for a while.

Beauty Food: Watermelon.

For: Patchy skin.

How it works: Rich in vitamin A, B and C. A piece of watermelon works as an exfoliate and reduces skin blemishes.

Rub all over the face, leave it to dry and then wash it off.

Beauty Food: Mangoes.

For: Wrinkle and other signs of ageing.

How it works: Mangoes are rich in vitamin C, beta carotene and antioxidant. It counters the ageing effects of free radicals. Apply it as a mask, leave it for half an hour and wash it off.

 Beauty Food: Olive Oil.

For: Dry Skin. It is extremely hydrating. Olive oil is rich in antioxidant.  Make sure the oil is not too refined. Or the fat, which dry skin needs will be gone.

Use it : As a moisturizer.

Beauty Food: Strawberry.

For: Ageing.

How it works: Rich in vitamin C and antioxidant, strawberries fight wrinkles and fine lines.

Use it the pulp is an excellent mask.




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