Pregnancy Care Tips

Sleeping Posture Tips

Jun 30, 2017

Sleep in any position you are comfortable in. You can sleep on your stomach too but once the uterus grows you will feel uncomfortable. You can sleep on your back too or turn from side to side while lying down. When you get up from a lying posture, turn to your side and then get up. This will save you from spraining you back and stomach muscles as the pregnancy progresses.


                                                           First 3 months of Pregnancy

The first trimester can be a roller coaster ride for you and your partner. You may feel helpless. But this will soon pass. Here are some tips for you to cope up with first 3 months of pregnancy.

  • Keep up with your usual level of activity. Lie down or sleep whenever you feel very tired but don’t spend the entire day in bed.
  • You can carry on with your normal household work but avoid lifting anything heavy.
  • If you have a job there is no need to take leave from work.
  • You can climb up and down the stairs any number of times .
  • If you have any spotting or bleeding your doctor may advise you to restrict your activities for few days.
  • Your appetite may be poor. Eat small quantities and frequently. Avoid oily or spicy food.  Salt biscuit /crackers help in supressing nausea. Bland food like dosas, idlis are well tolerated. Drink plenty of fluid but avoid soda or canned fruit juice.
  • Your doctor may ask you to avoid travelling if you had any bleeding in your early pregnancy.

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