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Benefits of Apples

Jun 30, 2017

Apple is known as the super food as it benefits our health in many ways. Whether you are pregnant or trying to feed your toddler with this power food, giving an apple every day will surely -
•    Regulate blood pressure.
•    Provide antioxidant protection.
•    Reduce the risk of diabetes which is high for some women during pregnancy.
•    Reduce the chance of lung cancer by improving its function, reduce the severity of Asthma in children.
•    Work like magic by stopping diarreah.
•    Strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis.
•    Reduce the chance of stroke and heart attacks.
•    Excellent for anaemic patient as it absorbs iron.
•    Provide healthy bowel movement.
Apple can be a wonderful nutritional snack for children. But among all the fruits, apples have one of the highest rates of pesticide use, therefore it is important that you wash the skin well before giving it to your toddler.

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