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Does your child cry when you head for the door?

Jun 30, 2017

Does your child cry every time you are out of his/her view? Most of the babies go through separation anxiety at some point. It can be harder for you than your child. Babies develop separation anxiety between 8-12 months of age. This is the time your child understands that mom and dad are the main people who can comfort him or her. So when you go out of their view they panic. 

Practicing the following tips can help you :

Separation anxiety increases during bedtime. It can last for months and even years. Follow a consistent bedtime routine that ends with putting your child in the crib while he/she is drowsy. Leave the room and let your toddler cry for a few minutes before you return after a certain interval (increase the interval timing slowly). Do the same when he awakens during the night. Within a week you baby will figure out that he is supposed to go to sleep when he is in his crib.

Practice leaving your baby to the caregiver only when your child is healthy and well rested. Do not skip your trip if your child start crying.  Your toddler needs to learn to handle things on their own.

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