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Does Eating Ghee Helps in Normal Delivery?

Jun 30, 2017

When you enter the 9th month of your pregnancy, elders in the house would advise you to eat ghee with all your food or even with a cup of milk. There is no proof that pure ghee mixed with milk can help in achieving normal delivery. It is definitely a myth!

 Ghee won’t lubricate your birth canal and help your baby to slip out without any pains no matter how much you eat. If you are having a well-balanced meal every day i.e. a proper amount of vitamins, minerals calcium and carbohydrates by consuming fruits and vegetables, you can keep ghee out of your list. There is no need to add unwanted calories in your pregnancy. Pregnant women need around 300 extra calories during their pregnancy. Consuming too much fat during pregnancy can cause complications if you are a victim of obesity.

Back in the older days people didn’t have much food sources. Ghee and butter were the only sources of animal protein. Today most pregnant women enjoy rich diet .The only thing ghee can do to you is pile on extra pounds making it tougher for you to get back to your pre pregnancy shape. If your family member insists you to take ghee, balance your meal intake by consulting doctor.

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