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Can I lift weight during pregnancy?

Jun 30, 2017

Physical activity can make you feel better. It is also beneficial for you as well as your developing baby. The decision to be active during pregnancy may be the first step towards a healthy life for you and your family. Every pregnancy is different from the other. Remember to speak to your doctor before planning any kind of physical activity.

Weight training is safe as long as it is light. Heavy weights increases stress on the muscles and ligaments. Proper control of breathing is also very important. Lifting heavy weight causes the placenta to tear. This usually happens in the second trimester. Weight lifting can also cause premature birth and low birth weight. Lying on the back in the first trimester with weights can creature pressure on the veins. It can reduce blood flow to the brain and the uterus. It is always advisable to avoid such position. It is also advisable to be careful to prevent any kind of injury in the stomach. Ask you trainer to advice you with weight which has no risk to the stomach.

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