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Warning Signs during Pregnancy -You need to get Help Immediately

Jun 30, 2017

When you are pregnant you need to pay attention to the signs and signals your body is sending and take better care of yourself. During pregnancy your body goes through changes every day. If you notice any such below mentioned signs get in touch with your health care provider immediately.

  • Bleeding from the birth canal.
  • Sharp pain in the stomach back or even in the chest.
  • Excessive vomiting – Not morning sickness.
  • High Fever, feeling cold or you get rashes.
  • Continuously feeling depressed, worried, upset, angry.
  • The baby stops moving inside.
  • Spots on Body parts.
  • Swelling body parts - hands legs and other parts which seems abnormal to you and if it gets worse.
  • If it hurts or burns when you pass urine. Also if the urine color is unusual.
  • Abnormal Fluid discharge which makes you feels itchy.
  • Blurred Vision.

During pregnancy body changes take place rapidly. It is difficult to understand weather the signs are normal or something serious. If you feel something is wrong trust your instinct and give a call to your doctor immediately.


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