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Things to Do In Labor

Jun 30, 2017

Giving birth requires hard work. Fear of pain will make you tensed which will make the condition worse. Manage your pain with the following tips and stay comfortable during labor. By learning to relax you and your baby will stay comfortable. It will help your baby to move down into the birth canal.

  • Use special breathing technique that you have learnt from prenatal class. You can even ask someone to guide you. Proper breathing will help you ease pain during labor.
  • Try to find something like a book or newspaper to look at during contraction.
  • Take a relaxing warm water shower. It will help you relax and ease pain. Hot water shower can slow up the labor process. Do consult your doctor if you are concerned.
  • Ask someone to massage your body parts. If your lower back hurts ask someone to apply steady pressure.
  • Listen to music.
  • Go to the toilet every hour to pass urine.
  • Drink juice or water. Eat any food in very small amount.
  • Some women ask for medication or alternatives to help reduce the pain. Consult your doctor for such medication. Also do not forget to ask its benefits and risks to you and your baby.

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