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Respecting Women

Jun 30, 2017

Be nicer to mom! When it comes to happy marriage a study shows that the more content a wife is the happier her husband is likely to be with his life overall. Why? A satisfied wife tends to do more for her partner. Who is going to argue that? The one thing you can teach your Son as a dad is respecting women in life. Your little son will learn how to treat the women in his life by watching how you act towards his mother. Here are some tips that might be helpful in parenting,

  • "Encourage friendship with girls” expose your son to female peers at an early age so that he starts to see through stereotypes.
  • Point out sexism: Provide examples (it is not cool to whistle or pass remark when a lady walked by).
  • Do away with gender role: Teach your son how to cook dinner and do the laundry and your daughter how to inflate a bike tyre.
  • Lastly emphasize the importance of not repeating the action that upset the other person. You don’t just want your child to recite,'I am sorry”.


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