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Life style can affect your fertility

Jun 30, 2017

Planning to conceive? Even if you are not planning yet, make sure you take care of your health. Exercise and proper nutritional diet can protect your health and fertility. Healthy women find it easier to conceive than the ones who are overweight or underweight. Many a times pregnancy happens unplanned and therefore it is important that you protect yourself and your unborn baby by taking daily dose of vitamin and folic tablets. It is a must for every female who are planning to conceive and who are already pregnant. Folic acid prevents birth defects known as spina bifida. An intake of 400mcg every day is a must until you are 12 weeks pregnant.

In addition to all these don’t forget to visit your doctor for basic tests .Your gynecologist might ask you for screening of sexually transmitted disease, thalassemia test and rubella status. Regular exercise for 30 mins and getting proper treatment from your doctor can help you overcome problems like obesity, diabetes, thyroid and blood pressure. This health condition doesn’t come with age bar. It can develop in the early age and cause problem in your 30’s..

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