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How to Spend "Me time" After Having a Baby

Jun 30, 2017

Throughout the day you have been changing your baby’s diaper, feeding your baby washing clothes and lastly thinking about your baby. Do you crave for that me time, which you use to have before pregnancy? Here are some great ways to carve out some “self” time to make you feel better.

  • 10 min of workout each day can create magic in your life. Squeeze in some time for exercise and stay in shape and energized.
  • Meditate: This might sound unrealistic, but find a quiet place for yourself, and do some deep breathing. If you feel sleepy doing this, take a nap.
  • Chat with your friend, pick up your phone and catch up with your friends. Gossip can be really healthy in this time period.
  • Ask your partner to give you a massage. Massage is an excellent way to release tension for a short period of time.
  • Treat yourself with some real meal. Cook something which you have been craving for. You can also throw in some fruit in the blender and make yourself some fruit smoothie.
  • Maintain a journal. Writing your feelings can make you feel better. As a new mom you can write your daily experience so that you can look back on them years later and revive your memories.
  • Listen to your favorite song for 10 min. You will be back into a good mood.

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