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After you bring your new-born Home

Jun 30, 2017

You might feel overwhelmed thinking about how you will be able to manage everything with your new-born at home. It can be tough to juggle both together. Here are some tips to make you feel better:

Create a concrete plan that outlines ways to make the phase easier. Organize yourself with list of phone numbers of doctors, maid, babysitter, grocery shop who can delivery items at home.

Assign task to family members you can help you out in laundry or cooking. This will make you feel more in control.

Split up your responsibilities. Discuss with your partner what kind of duties he is capable like diaper changing or feeding. If he is comfortable in the morning or at night.

Decorating your baby’s room can be fun but with your weak health condition it can be tough .  You can ask your friends and family member to organize cupboard and assemble crib for you. Even you can order online and someone from the store can do the work for you.

It takes around 6 week for a women to stand up on her feet after vaginal delivery and 12 week for c section. It is very important that you get a helping hand for yourself so that the work can be done at ease.  Do not exhaust yourself as it will hamper your stitches.

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