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Jun 30, 2017

Teaching your toddler to fall asleep is one of the first priorities for a new parent. You might have come to know by now that sleep deprivation can impact your daily life and overall mood. It also impact on your child's health which may lead to physical, behavioural and emotional problems.

It is important that as a new parent you work on getting your toddler to bed every night at same time. Even if it is for 30 minutes it is important that you stick to that bedtime window. If your child has an erratic sleeping habit it can have a repercussion on behaviour and overall sleep quality. With proper bedtime routine your toddler will learn their daily schedule.

In the beginning which is the first 5 months it is normal for babies to wake up and eat one or two times in the middle of the night. Some stop sooner on their own. If your baby is older than nine months and eating more frequently you need to cut out feedings. As a mother you will know your baby best and will be able to determine whether she needs the food at night or not.

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