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Drink Coconut Water every day during Pregnancy

Jun 30, 2017

Nariyal Pani or tender coconut water is a rich isotonic drink. It prevents dehydration tiredness and fatigue during pregnancy. Coconut water is also excellent for morning sickness acidity and constipation. It has high electrolytes magnesium calcium riboflavin and vitamin-c. Magnesium in coconut help relax the muscles and nerves. It relieve joint pain or itchiness which is common in pregnancy.

You can make it an alternative for caffeinated drink. In Ayurveda coconut water is considered as laxative. It also have cooling effect and their fore wards of vomiting nausea and indigestion during pregnancy.

With so much hormonal change pregnancy also comes with heartburn acidity/Gas. A cup of coconut water every day before meal can  lower the acid level in the stomach.

Coconut water also stimulate thyroid function and increase metabolic activity. It also improves and boost the level of amniotic fluid which improves the overall health of the baby.

Before you go out for a drink remember the following points.

Choose fresh green coconut and make sure it has been cut in front of you.

Fresh green coconut is rich in nutrients.

Do not substitute it with water all the time.

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