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Top Tips to Feed Your Infant

Jun 30, 2017
  • Introduce one food at a time. Give your child food in small quantity at first.
  • Increase the varieties slowly.
  • Check out the food groups and introduce all to your baby.
  • Do not use excessive fat, salt or even sugar.
  • Avoid giving too much fibre to your child. Whole legumes and raw vegetables are not recommended to infant.
  • Do not cook oily or spicy food. Keep it bland.
  • Identify intolerance and discontinue immediately. Some children are allergic to soya milk, cow’s milk, peanuts and so on.
  • Follow good hygiene while handling and feeding your baby.
  • Consistency should be gradually built from liquid to semi solid to solid.
  • Smash the food well before feeding your infant.
  • If you find your child showing disinterest in a particular food, discontinue it for some time and then reintroduce it. Do not force.
  • Do not display your likes and dislikes in front of your child. They should learn to eat variety of food.
  • Do not give preserved food and also food that has been kept for long time.

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