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Making your child eat Fish

Jun 30, 2017

Most children make a fuss when eating fish or seafood. They find everything wrong in fish.  For them fishes tend to be slimy and smelly. Also, they are scared of the bones getting stuck. But intake of seafood is important as it is full of proteins. It helps the body to build strong muscles and healthy eye sight. You must give protein to your child in lunch and dinner and nothing can be better than fish. Apart from protein it also contains vitamins, minerals, iodine, selenium and zinc. Selenium – an antioxidant helps prevent cancer. Zinc helps in fighting with cough and cold and boosts the immune system. Also, fish is rich in omega 3 fats which are extremely essential for brain development.

Most kids think that all fishes taste same. It is up to you to expose them to varieties of fishes. Include fish finger or fish chips to hit their taste bud. If you are not willing to feed your child fried items you can always opt for Chinese sauces. Salmon, tilapia and rawas are the best options for cooking in Chinese sauces. Also, allow your child to try out prawn and crab to give a touch of different taste.

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