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Food Challenges You Face with Your Child

Jun 30, 2017

Do you stress over food? It is impossible to ignore food related stress when you have a toddler at home. It is considered as one of the top parental challenges. With few basic strategies you can cope up with such challenges.

Don’t give up hope:  If your child creates a fuss over a new dish, don't force him or her. Also don’t give up hope. You may have to try another eight to ten times before your child eats it and decides he likes it.

Stop food fights and nagging: Your child knows how much to eat. If he/she refuses to eat whatever food is left on his plate, just let it go. Don’t force. She/he won't starve.

Eat meal together as a family every day: It is important that a family connects with each other in dinner table. A time to share and talk about the day. It creates a bonding in the family and helps children to develop healthy eating habits.

Give your kid the freedom to choose a meal. Once a week, allow your children to choose what's for dinner and cook it for them.

Use Colorful utensils: Your toddler’s meal time should not lack fun. Pick colorful utensils and spoon for your child to eat.

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