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Diaper Rashes in Newborn

Jun 30, 2017

Skin irritation in babies develops when the skin is covered by diaper or cloth. It is one of the most common problems among infants of age 6-12 months. These rashes are short lived and can be cured with proper care and cleanliness.

Here are some ways to keep diaper rashes at bay.

  • Make your child go diaper free sometimes so that the bottoms get contact with air.
  • Make sure you change the diaper frequently every 3-4 hours and immediately after any bowel movement.
  • Keep the skin clean and apply ointment or powder. Powder absorbs moisture and reduces friction. It is always recommended to look out for the ingredients used in the baby products.
  • Do not use clothes as diaper. Use disposable diaper.
  • Do not use baby wipes if the rash turns into open sore. Also it is advised to choose alcohol free wipes for the skin.
  • Always use soft towel for your baby to pat dry. Mild baby soap can keep the skin squeaky clean and away from rashes.

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