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Playing Holi Safely with your Toddlers

Jun 30, 2017

As you and your family members get busy preparing for the holi event, your toddler too gets excited and runs around with pichakari and sometimes with water filled balloons. Though holi is the festival of colors, the chemicals used in the colors are extremely harmful both to the environment and to our body.

Here are some tips for your toddler to ensure safe and fun filled holi.

  • Supervise your toddlers all the time during holi. They might fall and hurt themselves while running around. Also they might pick food and drink which can contain bhang.
  • Do not wash the color every now and then with soap and water. Your toddler might catch cold with repeated washing. Just wait for the event to get over and then bathe him or her.
  • Teach your toddler to close eyes and lips and protect themselves when someone attacks with color.
  • Restrict time played outdoors with color and water.
  • Keep fresh clean water stored nearby in case the colors get into your child’s eye and mouth.
  • Lastly do not forget to apply coconut oil all over your toddler’s body so that the colors can get easily washed off without harming the skin.

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