Pregnancy Care Tips

How Long Should You Wait Before Visiting Fertility Specialist?

Jun 30, 2017

Every couple has around one in five chance of getting pregnant every month of trying. A healthy couple has a good chance of getting pregnant within a year. When trying to conceive, one should have regular intercourse 2-3 times a week.The chances of conception is only 15% in the first month. In 6 months it increases to 70% and in one year it is about 90%. Some couples have high fertility and therefore gets pregnant within few months. Taking up to a year or 2 is normal. It doesn’t mean you have fertility problem. A couple who do not get pregnant within a year generally gets successful in the second year. The other factors which increase your conceive time includes health, age, stress, how you ovulate, lifestyle and the number of times you are having intercourse in a month. A couple with lower fertility takes longer to get pregnant. If you are 35 years or more and have been trying to conceive for more than a year, you must visit a fertility specialist for checkup.

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