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Fertility Yoga

Jun 30, 2017

There are couples who do not need to put much effort to become pregnant while on the other hand there are people who experience infertility. One can overcome such problems with fertility yoga.
Fertility yoga has been developed from the traditional yoga posture. It helps in conception by improving mental and physical health. It enhances the overall strength of the body by improving blood circulation and breathing. Yoga is one of the best methods of treating infertility issues. Doing Yoga 2-4 times a week improves the overall strength of the ovary and increases the chance of getting pregnant.
Once you decide to start doing yoga make sure you choose the right types which will help you in boosting your fertility. Some of the fertility yoga include butterfly pose, Balasana yoga, bee yoga and many more. These yoga poses bind one’s mind and body to make them feel more relaxed.
You can start practicing yoga slowly for few minutes per day and then increase the time and the level.  Start off with gentle yoga poses to avoid body soreness. If you are patient enough to practice yoga every day you will feel more relaxed and comfortable when you are pregnant.

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