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Benefits of Yoga for Kids

Jun 30, 2017

Kids today experience a lot of pressure from schools and society.  Also they are highly equipped with technological gadgets. Using too much of gadgets and staring in front of the computer can cause aggression and violent behaviour. Parents should encourage their kids to play outside in the nature as this helps them to grow. Yoga and meditation at a young age can help them to connect to their inner self and bring out a healthy adulthood. Here are some of the benefits of yoga -

Yoga can help them to relax. Researches have shown that yoga can -

•    Calm children.
•    Help reduce obesity.
•    Help maintain a good health.
•    Give relief from headache, irritable bowel syndrome.
•    Enhance concentration.
•    Improve Digestive system.
•    Help children with eating disorder.

A yoga class for children mainly consists of warm up and breathing exercises. Most of the postures that are taught to children involve gentle movements like stretching, sitting, standing, twisting, balancing, bending, etc. During each pose the child may be asked to breathe in and out in a rhythm.  Do not force your child to do yoga. Give him/ her space to get involved in yoga a fun filled way.

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