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Dark Patches on the skin During Pregnancy

Jun 30, 2017

During pregnancy many women notice darkening of the skin. This happens on the face breast nipple neck and inner thigh. This darkening is due to the increase of pigment melanin which gives skin colour. More than 90% of women gets the dark patches. Brownish mark that appears around the eyes nose and cheeks are called chloasma or mask of pregnancy. Some even notice faint dark line or hair that runs from their bellybutton. It is known as Linea Nigra. These dark areas are harmless and usually fade a few months or a year after delivery. However they are unlikely to go away completely. Pregnancy comes with lots of changes in the skin. But sometime thee changes could be unrelated. If you have patches that is becoming darker or painful you should visit your doctor. Skin pigmentation can also cause due to the hormone estrogen which increases during pregnancy. Birth control and hormone replacement pull can also elevate the problem. There is nothing you can do to stop these patches except apply sunscreen every time you go out in the sun.

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