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Tips when Toddler throw things

Jun 30, 2017

Does your toddler throw toys? You may tell your toddler to stop throwing things around but it’s all in vain. Your toddler might give you an evil grin while flinging them. It might seems like she is aggravating you on purpose but she’s not.

Every day your Toddler is developing skills and greater awareness and she wants to explore her newfound power. Try to view her defiance as a means of experimenting and learning. A child this age tends to act out with the person she feels the safest with and trust the most. That doesn’t make her rebelliousness less frustrating but it should help you maintain your patience rather than view her action as personal disrespect. If you constantly tell your child “no” or bargain with her, it might be time to re-evaluate your rules. Letting the little things go not only reduces your stress level but also makes your child more inclined to cooperate when it truly and really matter.

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