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MyMom is here to make your life easy. Now sit at home and book appointments with Doctors, Dieticians, Counsellors, Astrologers, Yoga & Meditation Specialists, Photography Service Providers And Maid Service Providers. We make sure that you are taken care of by the experts in the fields.

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Samiksha Vaccination


You can buy a Samiksha Vaccination Card and enter your child’s details to get reminders and alerts regarding the different vaccinations required and the due dates.

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Tips & blogs

Celebrity Tips

Interested to know how your favorite celebrities take care of their babies? How they deal with their pregnancy and motherhood? They might also have some tips for you. Get it all here!

General Tips

Quick tips are always helpful, don’t we all agree? Missing your mom’s expert advices? Don’t worry at all. MyMom is here to help you.

Safety Tips to Treat Headaches during Pregnancy.

Many women experience tension headaches during pregnancy due to fluctuations in hormones. Track the triggers and treat it. Eat small meals and drink a lot... Read More

Published on : 17 / Jul / 2017
Tips For Stylish Pregnancy

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t follow the trend and feel fashionable. They key to look good during pregnancy is to pick up the trend... Read More

Published on : 15 / Jul / 2017
Formula Preparation Tips

From cleaning the bottles to storing premixed formula, it is good to know what you are doing. Here are some formula prep and bottle feeding... Read More

Published on : 13 / Jul / 2017
Food/Nutrition Tips

Eating the right things is extremely important during pregnancy. Also, nursing mothers need to take special care of their diet. Go through this section to make yourself aware of the special nutritional needs of children and mothers. 

Nutrition Tips For Plus Sized Pregnant Women

A plus size pregnancy is a higher risk pregnancy so following weight gain guidelines is necessary. Avoid consuming lots of carbs and stick to healthier... Read More

Published on : 14 / Jul / 2017
Introducing healthy food to your Baby

Between 6 months to 1 year of age you must introduce different solid foods to your baby. This is the time when your child is... Read More

Published on : 30 / Jun / 2017
Top Tips to Feed Your Infant

Introduce one food at a time. Give your child food in small quantity at first. Increase the varieties slowly. Check out the food groups and introduce all... Read More

Published on : 30 / Jun / 2017
Maternity & Child Care Tips

Maternity is undoubtedly the most wonderful phase in a woman’s life. It’s a crucial phase as well. MyMom understands that a mother needs to be aware of certain things. Hence we keep posting tips that will help you to have a smooth journey through the path of motherhood. 

Ear Infection Prevention Tips in Toddlers

Most toddlers get ear infection at least once during the cold and flu season. Even though the scenario is not always avoidable, here are things... Read More

Published on : 20 / Jul / 2017
Premature Baby Care Tips

When your bundle of joy arrives early, it might throw you a curveball. You might be happy but concerned at the same time. Consider taking... Read More

Published on : 11 / Jul / 2017
Tips for Leaking Breast Milk

Leaking breast can be a serious problem for many moms. But for most moms, it stops over the time. Here are some tips to deal... Read More

Published on : 05 / Jul / 2017

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Are you hiring the right housemaid? Find out here

In this busy time, when all are running to balance the work life and home, a reliable housemaid is the need of the hour. It... Read More

Published on : 18/05/18
Get to know your first trimester essentials

Pregnancy is not just a stage, but a journey. This journey will bring in a lot of changes. Being prepared for such changes is the... Read More

Published on : 17/08/17
Get to know your baby growth week by week during pregnancy

Beginning from the first day till the birth of the baby, usually, a pregnancy term is about 40 weeks. During this time, your body undergoes... Read More

Published on : 28/07/17

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We know how women love to shop! For themselves and their kids too. MyMom Shop offers you products ranging from Maternity Wear to Children apparels, Breastfeeding aids to Baby Gears, Grooming kits to Toys and so on. One-stop solution for all your shopping needs.

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You can now send gifts and greetings to your loved ones. MyMom has a section dedicated to bouquets, cakes and chocolates which you can send to a special person and make his/her day!

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